Truss URGED by Ireland to SNUB ‘Extreme Euro-Scepticism’ Amidst Deal Change

Brexit uncertainty looms over the UK’s upcoming change of leadership, with one Irish politician urging Liz Truss to “be her own person” in the aftermath of Boris Johnson’s leadership.

As the Northern Ireland protocol remains uncertain, Irish Fianna Fáil politician Thomas Byrne has said that leadership candidate Liz Truss should abandon “extreme Euro-scepticism.”

British PM Wannabe Liz Truss, who introduced the Northern Ireland Protocol Bill to parliament earlier this year, has stated unequivocally that if she is elected Prime Minister, she will carry on Boris Johnson’s Brexit legacy.

However, the bill is raising concerns about the Irish Sea, with Ireland’s Europe Minister saying it is “difficult to know” if Ms Truss or Rishi Sunak would approach protocol issues differently than Mr Johnson.

“We really don’t have a lot to go on except that people who have expressed extreme Euro-scepticism are overwhelmingly supporting Liz Truss,” he said.

“I hope she will be her own person, and I believe we have reason to believe she will be her own person.”

“Everybody who takes that office becomes their own person and realises that there is more to the job than just the day-to-day politics.”

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