About Us

We are proudly British and fiercely independent.

That’s more than a slogan – that’s our commitment. We aren’t part of a media corporation, so we don’t bow down to big money, lobbyists or government censors.

Save Britain is the daily online news and campaign platform that Brits have been waiting for – and deserve. We deliver unfiltered straight talk about the issues and events that impact your life and country.

And we’re not afraid to step on a few toes to do it. Especially if they belong to politicians and special interests.

Tune in each day for the inside scoop on politics, breaking news, the economy, crime and justice, health care and more. You’ll also find in-depth analysis and insightful guest columns from some of Britain’s leading voices.

Save Britain is direct, honest, patriotic – and often outspoken. But we’re never dull, and we’re not afraid to take on the mainstream media’s “fake news” spin.