Sunak Claims to Enjoy a McDonald’s Breakfast Wrap – Which Has Been Unavailable for Over 2 Years

Rishi Sunak was mocked today after claiming that he always enjoys a McDonald’s breakfast wrap when out with his daughters, despite the fact that the item has not been available since March 2020.

The Tory leadership candidate was accused of a gaffe during a TV interview in which he was asked what he ordered at a McDonald’s restaurant.

Mr Sunak yesterday shared a photo of himself ordering from a self-service machine at a fast food chain while campaigning to replace Boris Johnson as Prime Minister.

The former chancellor was asked the ‘killer question’ of what items he had chosen from the McDonald’s menu on ITV’s This Morning this morning.

‘I was there around 7.45 or 7.30 in the morning, so it wasn’t a burger and nuggets!’ ‘I got some breakfast,’ Mr Sunak responded. ‘I get the pancakes and a bacon roll with ketchup.’

When asked if he had ordered a hash brown, the Conservative MP replied, ‘I didn’t yesterday, but if I’m with my daughters, we get the wrap.’

‘With my eldest daughter… if I’m with her, that wrap with the hash brown and everything in it is what we do.’

But aficionados of McDonald’s were quick to point out that the breakfast wrap hasn’t been on sale for nearly two-and-a-half years.

This Morning viewers mocked Mr Sunak for appearing to be unaware that the breakfast wrap was no longer available.

One remarked that the politician had told a ‘Big Whopper,’ referring to a popular meal sold by rival chain Burger King.

Others called Mr Sunak’s remarks “embarrassing” and said it “must have been a long time since he last went” to McDonald’s.

‘He can’t even be honest about what he eats for breakfast,’ said another.

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