SNP Put to SHAME After Spending £20 MILLION on Electric Police Vehicles – with NO CHARGERS

Nicola Sturgeon’s SNP-led government has been chastised for spending £20 million on electric police vehicles but failing to provide a charging station.

There are currently 23 police stations across the country that have the vehicles but no way to recharge them on-site. Officers must instead rely on public plugs and those provided by partner organisations to power their vehicles.

In the last three years, Police Scotland has invested nearly £20 million in electric vehicles.

According to the force, they want to be the greenest in the UK, and the cars will help them provide “a fit-for-purpose, efficient, effective, and sustainable 21st century police service.”

A further 21 sites have only 28 chargers to keep their vehicles operational.

The startling statistics were discovered through a Freedom of Information request submitted by the Scottish Liberal Democrats.

Liam McArthur, Scottish Lib Dems’ climate change spokesman, accused the government of making “an absolute mockery” of Scotland.

“There is absolutely no point in spending millions of dollars on providing officers with electric cars if the tools to power them are not available,” he added.

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