NHS DROPS ‘Women’ and ‘Girls’ from Menstruation-Related Website, Uses ‘EVERYONE WHO BLEEDS’

“Women” and “girls” have been removed from an NHS website about periods, and gender neutral terms such as “everyone who bleeds” have been substituted.

On its Period 101 page, the Bloody Brilliant website makes no mention of females, instead stating that the information is for “people who have periods” and “anyone with a uterus.”

Sajid Javid, the former Health Secretary, chastised the NHS earlier this year for de-sexing online health advice on topics such as menopause and ovarian cancer, and instructed staff to reinstate references to women and girls.

“Imagine how much effort it must have taken to create an entire website about periods without mentioning the words woman or girl,” campaigner Milli Hill said.

“It is confusing, in particular if you are young, have low literacy or English as a second language.”

“The use of language is consistent with similar materials, including Welsh Government publications, and following expert advice,” said the NHS Wales Health Collaborative, which commissioned the website.

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