Lockdown fears as China reactivates COVID app

On social media, there are increasing concerns that lockdown regulations may be reinstated, as China has reactivated its coronavirus app.

A recent rise in cases has made Chinese citizens increasingly apprehensive about restrictions returning.

Hospitals and airports are also reintroducing coronavirus testing.

Schools around the nation were also asked to increase preventive efforts in advance of the winter season by a notification released by the education ministry on Monday.

A few customers are even concerned that the Covid-tracking app never got removed.

Censorship by social media on the relevant hashtag has simply stoked further rumours.

A Weibo user said: “Scenes like this make me feel really uncomfortable.”

Another wrote: “There are widespread rumours that the health tracking app is being revived, and worries that there will be another lockdown … These worries probably won’t come true unless there’s a new pandemic.

“These worries really represent fear and sadness about the past three years of trauma, and hatred of the abuse of power during Covid.”

In recent months, China has experienced a surge in cases of pneumonia and other respiratory ailments.

The World Health Organisation is keeping an eye on the spike, which has been linked to flu season.

The WHO said last month that since mid-October, China has improved its surveillance for respiratory diseases. It also emphasised that the onset of winter was to be expected, as respiratory illnesses increased.

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