Homeowners OFFERED ‘Long-Term Contracts’ to HOUSE IN Illegal Migrants as Gov’t Hotel Bill Reaches £2.4 Billion

British homeowners are being offered long-term contracts in order to take in illegal migrants in an attempt to solve the all-time high record numbers. 

They are being asked to assist as the hotel bill for those illegally crossing the Channel rises to £2.4 billion per year.

Serco, a private contractor, is offering deals for up to five years, with rent guaranteed in full and maintenance costs covered.

It will also cover tenants’ council tax, as well as their gas and electricity bills.

Some MPs were outraged by the news, which revealed that only 4% of asylum claims were processed last year, with hotel space running out.

More than 38,000 migrants have arrived in the UK so far in 2022, while the number of people detained by the French has decreased, MPs were told yesterday.

The Home Office admitted that it spends nearly £7 million per day on housing them, an increase of £2 million since February.

Serco, which received a record £1.9 billion ten-year contract from the Home Office in 2019, is housing at least 30,000 asylum seekers in 6,000 homes.

The contractor, which is expected to earn at least £150 million per year from the scheme, has issued a new call, stating that it will consider all types of properties in the North West, Midlands, and East of England.

Home owners of vacant properties are being sought, as are owners of second homes, care homes, and former student housing.

MPs were told yesterday that the government is spending £5.6 million per day on illegal migrant housing, with costs continuing to rise.

Another £1.2 million is being spent to house asylum seekers fleeing the Taliban in Afghanistan.

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