‘Green’ Sunak BRINGS BACK Fracking BAN Lifted by Liz Truss

To the delight of environmentalists, Rishi Sunak has banned fracking in England once more, despite the country facing a serious and potentially years-long energy crisis.

Sunak, the newly elected Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, has once again banned the use of fracking in England, despite serious concerns about rolling blackouts this winter as a result of the ongoing energy crisis.

Although it was never suggested that fracking could help keep the lights on this winter — progress on the energy drilling process, which has been banned in the UK for years, will take months — increasing the gross energy supply available to the UK has been seen as an important step in ensuring that another energy crisis like this does not occur. Fracking, more oil and gas drilling in the North Sea, nuclear power, and offshore wind are some of the options.

After confirming the technology’s safety, the Liz Truss government made a major policy announcement legalising fracking. Only a few weeks later, Sunak has reverted to a ban, depriving Britain of one of the energy sources that helped the US become a net energy exporter.

Although the move is likely to worry many Tory party voters who are seeing their monthly energy bills rise, the return to the Conservative Party’s old green agenda is not surprising given who is in power.

Many see Rishi Sunak’s appointment as a coup orchestrated by the globalist faction of the Conservatives against the more nativist elements, with Sunak himself holding views on economic and climate issues that are very similar to those of the World Economic Forum.

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