GO WOKE OR GO BROKE: Halifax Urges Customers To JUST CLOSE Accounts If They Can’t Accept Pronoun Badges

After the former building society lectured people on social media about inclusivity, several customers said they were going to close their accounts.

Halifax recently tweeted “pronouns matter,” along with a photo of a staff name badge that read “Gemma (she/her/hers).”

When the tweet was criticised for “virtue signalling,” AndyM, a Halifax social media manager, responded, “We strive for inclusion, equality, and quite simply doing what’s right.”

In response to the post, some people have posted pictures of their slashed credit cards on social media, while others have either filed complaints or announced a boycott of the company.

“If you disagree with our values, you’re welcome to close your account.”

Caroline Ffiske, a former Conservative councillor, said: ‘It is incredibly rude for Halifax to tell customers to leave if they don’t like it. ‘It’s astonishing to have a bank behaving like a trans activist.’

The tweets sparked a massive backlash, with thousands of people filing complaints online.

One customer said: “Credit card closed. Bank switch in progress. Not paying good money for have communist propaganda”

“My wife and I have followed this advice, partly due to Halifax’s current virtue signalling, but mostly due to AndyM’s eagerness to lose customers,” said another.

“Mortgage is being moved, credit cards have been cancelled, deposit account closed. Had been with you since the 90s.”

On the other hand, some still defended the bank. One person posted: “I’m a Halifax bank customer and am pleased that they’re allowing staff in branches to display their pronouns on their name badges, if they want to.

“I’m especially pleased that their response to criticism has been to tell people to close their accounts.”

One person tweeted the bank, asking: “How do I close my account?”

Halifax replied: “You can close your account by calling us on 0345 720 3040 or putting your request in writing to: Halifax Account Closure Team, PO Box 548, Leeds, LS1 1WU.”

Halifax said the measure was brought in to prevent “accidental misgendering” and said it was “optional”.

A Halifax spokesperson said: “We want to create a safe and accepting environment that opens the conversation around gender identity. We care about our customers’ and colleagues’ individual preferences so, for us, it’s a very simple solution to accidental misgendering.”

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