EU Citizens Based in UK ‘To Face Deportation’ in Breach of BREXIT

Millions of European Union citizens living in the UK may face deportation or detention if they overstay their post-Brexit status, the High Court heard.

Approximately 2.6 million EU citizens were granted Pre-Settled Status, an immigration status that allows them to work and live in the United Kingdom after Brexit. 

They could be kicked out of the country under current Home Office rules if they do not apply for the upgraded Settled Status on time.

GB News’ Katherine Forster said it “is certainly possible” that EU citizens could be deported.

“That is what the IMA [Independent Monitoring Authority] are saying.

“What they’re saying is that about 6 million Europeans claimed for EU Settlement Scheme to continue to live and work in the UK following Brexit.”

Ms Forster reported: “About 3.2 million of those have already got settled status. That means they can live and work here permanently. 

“But the ones that haven’t been here for five years have applied for, about 2.6 million of them, pre-settled status. 

“Now, what the IMA are bringing this judicial review about, is that if those people do not reapply before that period ends, then they potentially would be called ‘illegal overstayers’.

“They could then be potentially deported out of the country. They would lose all the rights that they previously had.”

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