Drivers issued urgent warning ahead of new 20mph speed limit

After this weekend, motorists are cautioned not to rely on their sat navs to determine the speed limit on Welsh roads.

On September 17, the Welsh Government will implement new average speed limits ranging from 30mph to 20mph.

The new speed limits will be in effect on limited roads that are typically in residential areas and have lampposts every 200 yards or so.

Once the change is implemented, motorists should “pay full attention” to traffic signs rather than technological gadgets, according to the RAC.

Despite opposition from lawmakers and drivers, First Minister Mark Drakeford has refused to back down on the proposed legislation amendments.

He estimates that the speed limit modifications will save the NHS in Wales roughly £92 million due to fewer injuries and fatalities on the roads.

Councils will have the authority to make exceptions to the new 20mph speed restriction.

The RAC’s head of policy, Simon Williams, issued a warning to drivers to pay attention to the road and not rely on sat navs or apps.

He said: It’s vitally important that drivers are fully aware of the arrival of the 20mph limit in Wales, and pay full attention to all road signage.

“And, until sat nav systems have been fully updated, they shouldn’t rely on them to know what the speed limit is on any particular stretch of Welsh road.

“Even if compliance with new 20mph limits is poor, it should lead to an overall reduction in speeds which will have a positive effect on road safety.”

He added that “more effective to target areas where they are most needed” including residential roads or in areas where pedestrian footfall is higher.

The House of Commons Leader, Penny Mordaunt, has attacked the new default speed limits, calling them “crazy.”

The Welsh Conservatives have also criticised the proposals, saying that the deployment would result in lengthier travel times, potentially costing the economy £8.9 billion.

There have been allegations of new 20mph speed limit signs being vandalised in Conwy, Newport, Wrexham, and Flintshire, among other places.

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