David Cameron’s return sparks ‘shock’ and ‘Brexiteer backlash’

Tory critics accuse the ex-prime minister of ‘trolling the right’ by making a shocking return in Rishi Sunak’s reshuffle.

The surprise return of David Cameron to frontline politics sparked outraged assertions that Rishi Sunak had abandoned the Red Wall.

Mr Sunak resurrected the former Prime Minister’s political fortunes by appointing him Foreign Secretary, thus ending Suella Braverman’s Cabinet career in a harsh phone dismissal.

Lord Cameron, who was just ennobled, promised to be “part of the strongest possible team” for the next election.

Tory MPs who won in Labour districts in the 2019 election, on the other hand, said that the centre-right had been “purged” from the Cabinet and warned that “enough is enough.”

Lord Cameron is now one of the most prominent people in government, seven years after resigning following losing the Brexit referendum.

Just a month after criticising Mr Sunak for scrapping HS2 plans, the Foreign Secretary stated that while he “disagreed with some individual decisions,” the Prime Minister is “showing exemplary leadership” at a difficult moment.

Tory centrists applauded the hiring of a “team player” with extensive experience.

However, MPs representing the Red Wall of ex-Labour seats and the party’s Right said the move was a return to the “liberal Cameroon consensus” of the past.

One said: “It is utterly bizarre. The PM is trolling the Right of the party. The optics of this reshuffle are clear.” While another senior Tory said the reshuffle showed that Mr Sunak has “given up on the Red Wall”.

Former Tory treasurer Lord Cruddas also criticised his actions, saying: “The coup is complete, Remain has won and democracy has lost.”

Mr Sunak insisted his Cabinet shake-up had “built a united team ready to deliver the changes this country needs for the long term.

“Professionalism, integrity and experience – this is a team that will be bold in making the right decisions for our great country, not the easy ones.”

Lord Cameron’s appointment is said to have been in the works before the conflict that resulted in the dismissal of Home Secretary Mrs Braverman last week. He will give up his outside interests, as well as the payments he receives as a former Prime Minister, while serving in the position, instead accepting a Cabinet salary.

Lord Cameron promised to assist the Prime Minister in “delivering the security and prosperity our country requires,” adding, “Working to help ensure stability and security on the global stage is both essential and squarely in our national interest.”

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