Crazy Eco-Activist Glues Hand To Microphone During LBC Interview

A protester from Just Stop Oil glued themselves to a radio microphone while live on air this morning.

Climate activist Nathan McGovern, 22, was speaking to Tom Swarbrick in LBC’s Westminster studio when he glued his hand to the microphone at around 11.40 am.

McGovern said that the station was ‘not using’ its ‘massive platform’ to inform listeners of the dangers of the climate crisis.

LBC confirmed later that Mr McGovern had been questioned by police. He said that he pulled the stunt because ‘people need to be aware’.

Speaking live, Mr McGovern said to Mr Swarbrick: ‘You have a massive platform, a microphone that you can use to tell people about the situation we’re in and you’re not using it.

‘An ordinary person like me is having to take the microphone and tell your viewers the situation we are in.’

The LBC presenter said: ‘For those of you listening wondering what the banging on the microphone is, Mr McGovern seems to have, you’ve glued yourself to the microphone? That’s fantastic.’

After the incident, LBC presenter and Daily Mail columnist Andrew Pierce took over the live programme from Global’s Leicester Square, before handing it back to Mr Swarbrick when arrived there.

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