Obama Moment: ‘Colonial Master UK’ is Now ‘In the Hands of an Indian’ – World Newspaper 

According to one of the world’s largest newspapers, Britain is “now in the hands of an Indian,” with Rishi Sunak as Prime Minister.

In an article published on Monday, the Hindi-language publication Dainik Jagran — one of the largest-circulation newspapers in India and the world — heralded Rishi Sunak’s election as Prime Minister as putting the country in the “hands of an Indian.”

With Boris Johnson withdrawing from the race for Number 10 late on Sunday, the former Chancellor was left to run for Prime Minister unopposed, with the candidate officially confirmed as Britain’s next leader — the first Hindu to hold the position.

Sunak is also set to become Britain’s first non-white Prime Minister in its history, with his family hailing from the Punjab region of India.

This has reportedly led to his victory being celebrated by many in India, with one major publication in the country, the Dainik Jagran, drawing a comparison between India’s former position as a British Empire colony and Sunak’s rise to the most powerful elected position in the country.

Sanjay Chandarana, president of the Vedic Society Temple – which Mr Sunak’s grandfather co-founded 50 years ago – also said his elevation to Prime Minister meant more fireworks would be needed for Diwali celebrations and that Mr Sunak would be an ‘inspiration for youngsters’. 

The president of Rishi Sunak’s home temple in Southampton said the UK is undergoing its own ‘Barack Obama’ moment with him becoming PM, as India’s president said he was excited to ‘work together on global issues’.

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated Mr Sunak on Twitter and wrote: ‘Special Diwali wishes to ‘living bridge’ of UK Indians as we transform historic ties into modern partnership.’

Parliamentarian Raghav Chadha tweeted: ‘Today, as India celebrates Diwali in its 75th year as an independent nation, the UK gets an Indian-origin Prime Minister. History comes full circle.’

“[T]he command of the country that ruled India for years is now in the hands of an Indian,” the headline of the Hindi language article on the former Chancellor’s victory reads.

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