Anglo-Saxons NEVER existed, claims Cambridge University

In a “anti-racist” endeavour to dispel nationalist “myths” about Britain, Cambridge University is reportedly teaching its students that the Anglo-Saxons never existed as a distinct ethnic group.

According to a report in London’s Daily Telegraph, the Department of Anglo-Saxon, Norse, and Celtic (ASNC) at the once-prestigious Cambridge University in England is now attempting to dismantle the very ideas inherent in the department’s title, claiming that the Anglo-Saxon ethnic group is apparently a racist concoction meant to stoke British nationalism.

The department’s anti-English stance is intended to make its history lessons “more anti-racist.”

“One concern has been to address recent concerns over use of the term ‘Anglo-Saxon’ and its perceived connection to ethnic/racial English identity,” the department said.

“In general, ASNC teaching seeks to dismantle the basis of myths of nationalism… by showing students just how constructed and contingent these identities are and always have been,” they continued.

Unsatisfied with destroying the claimed “myth” of the Anglo-Saxon people, the university department went on to declare that the peoples of England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales never had a “coherent” racial identity.

Cambridge’s claims about the history of England have sparked a heated backlash in Britain, with political commentator Paul Embery writing: “Just imagine a university saying the same thing about, say, Aboriginal Australians, Maoris or Native Americans.”

Former UKIP politician turned host of the Lotus Eaters Podcast, Carl Benjamin said: “We aren’t having it, you smarmy pseudo intellectual subversives. We, the English, exist. We have existed for a thousand years, and that isn’t going to change now. No discussion. No dialectic. We are the English and we live in England. Simple as.”

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