British Mums CONDEMN Drag Queen Story Hour for ‘GROOMING’ Kids on Tour

A group of enraged parent protesters disrupted the first performance of a nationwide Drag Queen Story Hour tour of nearly 70 performances across the UK at a library in Reading, England. Sab Samuel, a 27-year-old man who performs in heavy drag as ‘Aida H Dee,’ hosted the show.

Drag Queen Story Hour UK, according to its website, offers a “fun and interactive kids show with amazing and talented drag performers”.

“Drag Queen Story Hour UK wants to show the world that being different is not a bad thing, and we can change the world book by book by providing imaginative role models for children to look up to!”

On Tuesday, one mother confronted Samuel, saying, “You’re probably teaching kids that there are 100 genders, there are only two sexes, no man can be a woman. We’re here to protect children.”

“You’re allowing child grooming, this is disgusting,” another mother was heard saying in video footage shared on social media.

Meanwhile, Labour MP Stella Creasy attended another Drag Queen Story Hour performance in Walthamstow, despite previously being chastised for saying that some women are “born with penises” earlier this year.

“What a lovely afternoon with Drag Story Hour UK today with the wonderful Greta who put so much energy into storytelling and entertaining local children – Proud too that Walthamstow is a community that welcomes and celebrates pride in this lovely way with the Morris Gallery!” Creasy said.

In response to the post, Labour Party MP Nadia Whittome said, “This is so wholesome.”

Previous pressure campaigns in the United Kingdom have resulted in the abolition of hypersexualised performances for children. For example, earlier this year, the “Family Sex Show,” which featured naked actors and sought to educate children as young as five years old about topics such as masturbation and “queerness,” was forced to close due to widespread public outrage.

The Drag Queen Story Hour classes, according to a Reading Borough Council spokesman, were “age-appropriate,” adding that it was a “ticketed event and all parents attending were aware of the nature of the performance. 

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