UK will still crawl back to the EU in the future, Ex-PM Tony Blair claims

Tony Blair has predicted that Britain will rejoin the EU in the future, as surveys show growing support for doing so.

The Former Prime Minister told the New Statesman magazine that a “future generation” would bring the UK back into the EU and reverse Brexit.

According to a new Deltapoll poll conducted between July 14 and 17, 56% of respondents would vote to rejoin the EU, while 38% would choose to stay out.

“I believe at some point a future generation will take Britain back into Europe, and, you know, you just have to look at what’s happened,” he told the magazine in a wide-ranging interview.

Sir Tony went on to describe Brexit as “a constant sadness to me”.

Under Keir Starmer, Labour has abandoned its anti-Brexit stance, ruling out re-joining the EU or even its single market.

In other parts of his conversation, Sir Tony warned that cooperation with China was the only way to combat climate change.

He called climate change the “single greatest global challenge,” although Britain’s emissions pale in comparison to those of other countries.

“Don’t expect us to do a lot when, frankly, nothing we do in Britain will have any impact on climate change,” he told the magazine.

Despite rows over benefit policy and Ulez in recent weeks Labour still enjoys a significant lead over the Conservatives, with most pollsters suggesting a gap of around 20 points.

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