UK Border Force on RED ALERT as authorities scramble in BUSY migrant activity today

The UK Border Force and maritime authorities are on “Red Alert” after many small migrant boats were detected this morning in the English Channel.

The first arrival occurred at 3:30 a.m., when a Border Force catamaran transported 50 migrants into Dover Harbour.

Authorities have received reports of up to nine other small boats attempting the passage in the previous hour.

According to sources, Border Force is “expecting an extremely busy day of migrant activity.”

This will be the first important day of small boat crossings since six Afghan men drowned early Saturday morning when their small boat encountered problems.

Rescuers are still looking for at least one additional missing person who is believed to have drowned.

This morning, the Dover lifeboat was dispatched to respond to a single small boat sighting, as Border Force vessels were already stretched thin dealing with other concerns.

In France, coastguards have deployed six patrol boats and a helicopter in the Channel in anticipation of additional attempts by migrants to cross as weather and water conditions improve.

It comes as the Government faces renewed pressure to stop the boats and calls to clampdown on the criminal gangs profiting from dangerous journeys.

Around 755 migrants made the journey on Thursday – the highest daily number so far this year.

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