Breaking: New Brexit deal in favour of EU to be LAUNCHED in two weeks – REVEALED!

A new Brexit deal is expected to be announced soon after the UK softened its stance against European judges ruling on Northern Ireland issues. According to reports, an agreement to end the dispute over the Northern Ireland Protocol will be revealed within two weeks.

It is expected that the protocol announcement will be narrowed down within the next week.

According to two sources in the European Union and two in the UK, the broad contours of the agreement are now clear, with final approval still awaiting from Number 10.

Downing Street insiders revealed that elements of the final package are still being negotiated, but they did not rule out the possibility of the deal being announced soon.

“Intensive talks between UK and EU technical teams are ongoing,” a government spokesman said, adding that “more talks on potential solutions across all areas are due.”

One of the most contentious points of agreement, the precise role of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) in Northern Ireland, is likely to be presented differently by the EU and the UK.

According to the publication, “UK sources close to the deal insist that the vast majority of legal clashes over trade in Northern Ireland will not involve the ECJ, emphasising the role of the province’s own judges.”

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