Transgenders Must Call the Cops if Banned from Using Ladies’ Restrooms

It seems that the pride flag now makes an ‘exclusive pass’ to single-sex locations for Mermaids – an NGO voicing out on young people’s transgenderism. 

According to the group, males who identify themselves as women should contact the cops if requested to leave a women’s restroom.

They also said that the demand must apply to all single-sex facilities. 

The NGO’s recommendation, which was made in reaction to a judgement by the UK’s Equalities and Human Rights Commission (EHRC), has been branded as “grossly irresponsible,” and the legal claims made as “unclear and dubious.”

Mermaids said on the organization’s website that notwithstanding the EHRC judgement, persons who identify as transgender have the right to enter single-sex places.

“Mermaids is not happy with the guidance because we feel it is not inclusive enough of trans people,” the organisation said, before going on to claim that transgender people “cannot be excluded from a single-sex space without a fair reason” and that “someone being ‘scared’ of trans people is not a good enough reason.”

The NGO then offers a list of suggestions for what someone should do if they are asked to leave a single-sex place, including dialling 999, the police’s emergency line, and asking for support and guidance on how to manage the matter.

“If an organisation is lawfully providing single-sex facilities, refusing to leave would certainly be a problem,” one barrister who specialises in equality law told the publication. “The provider would be entitled to use security or call the police.”

“Anyone wishing to challenge such an organisation’s policy should do so calmly and use the provider’s complaints policy,” she continued. “Mermaids appears to advise ignoring the EHRC’s advice, but then relies upon assertions about the law which are unclear and dubious.”

“Being entitled not to suffer discrimination on grounds of gender reassignment is not the same thing as being entitled to be treated as the opposite sex,” she said.

Last April, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson made comments on transgender visibility issues, including the UK government’s controversial decision not to include transgender people in the ban on so-called conversion therapy. 

He also said that transgender women should not compete in female sports days after transgender athlete Emily Bridges said she has been “harassed and demonised” by the media after the UCI.

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