Taxpayers to spend £5 million on left-wing woke think tank to promote ‘social justice’

The details of a ‘woke’ think-tank have been revealed, including a £5 million pledge from taxpaying citizens to fund it.

Despite the Conservative Government’s systematic war on wokeness, UK Research & Innovation announced a new Centre for Law and Social Justice.

UKRI is a Quango, which means that it is independent of the Department of Science yet is supported by British taxpayers.

According to the statement, the Centre for Law and Social Justice (CLSJ) would be in charge of offering “challenge-led research on social justice” as well as expanding the “research community.”

The funding will be available for five years.

The lucky winners of the opportunity will spend half-a-decade engaging with members of the public with “lived experience”, such as BAME individuals and members of the LGBT community.

The CLSJ will look at understanding vulnerability, and how new laws could “mitigate and manage” them.

It will also be asked to focus on Brexit and climate change to demonstrate how “intersectionality and multilayered exclusion” impact Britain.

The unabashed woke ‘waste’ has now been condemned by Conservative Peer Lord Moylan, who has demanded that the Government makes clear taxpayers’ money isn’t used to promote such a left-wing project.

A leading academic has also blasted the expensive talking shop, calling the spending “shameful”.

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