Urgent passport change: Brits advised to apply and renew NOW to AVOID massive hike NEXT WEEK – prices revealed HERE

Britons are being warned about a passport change that will take effect next week.

Passport renewal fees are expected to rise by about 9%, raising the cost of using an online form to update a passport to £82.50.

This represents an increase from the current price of £75.50.

The price increase for renewing expired passports takes effect on Thursday, February 2.

Children will not be exempt from the change, as the cost of renewing their passports will rise from £49 to £53.50.

Applying for a passport through the post office is a slightly more expensive option that will not be immune to cost increases.

Prices will go from £85 to £93, while the price for children will go from £58.50 to £64.

Using the standard paper form, which can be picked up at the Post Office, will cost nearly £10 more.

It will cost £64 for children, up from £58.50.

Overseas standard paper applications will also see a price increase, with adults paying £95.50 to $104.50 and children paying £65.50 to £71.50.

The Home Office said the new fees will help “move towards a system that meets its costs through those who use it”.

British citizens have been urged to renew their passports “immediately” if they have less than six months validity.

“If you have less than six months validity, we recommend applying for a new passport immediately,” said Cody Candee, founder of Bounce.

“Not only are processing times currently around ten weeks, but the Home Office is predicting another massive year for renewals as many people resume travel following the pandemic.”

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