Sunak’s top aide quits, says Britons deserve better

One of Rishi Sunak’s top aides resigned, warning Tories could be wiped out by Christmas.

According to Will Dry, a special advisor at No. 10 who oversees opinion research and polling, the Conservatives are headed for “the most almighty of defeats”.

Mr. Dry, 26, went on to say that the people demand better and that the Conservatives “owe the country” to think carefully about their leadership style while they keep picking apart one other.

With funding from Tories, Dry conducted a stinging YouGov poll that revealed Sunak and company will win a landslide of 169 seats in this year’s general election.

The former adviser stated in a statement that he left because the government “won’t provide the leadership we need” and that he was “dispirited”.

Mr Dry wrote: “Everyone in this country can see just how colossal the challenges we face are. Sadly, it became clear to me we weren’t providing the bold, decisive action required to overcome those challenges.”

And he warned that Nigel Farage could do fatal damage to the party in the upcoming election.

Mr Dry said he’d concluded the Conservatives face “the most almighty of defeats”, and went on: “Be in no doubt we are on course for at least a decade of Labour rule.

And if Farage comes back, the Conservative Party essentially won’t exist by Christmas.”

He said that since quitting late last year, he has been working to alert the party to “the danger the country and it is in”.

And hinting that a change of leader might be necessary he said: “Conservative MPs decide who leads the Conservative Party, not unelected advisors like me. And it looks like they may not want to change leader.

He said that Mr Sunak and his team were “good people” who “do what they think is right for the country”.

But he continued: “We have a government that won’t provide the leadership we need but will deliver a different government that also won’t deliver the change we need. You can see why the British people are so depressed with politics.”

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