Report: Taking a Bath Will Cost You 90% More This Year – While Keeping Clean Costs More Than £1,023 this 2023

Filling a bath will cost 90 percent more this year, adding to the cost of living for Britons.

According to Yorkshire Water, soaking will cost an annual average of £1,023 in 2023, up from £542.88 last year.

It comes as rising fuel costs drive up the cost of other everyday household tasks.

Even simple tasks like making a cup of tea have nearly doubled in price, with the cost of boiling kettles rising by £10.37 to £18.69 in 2021, representing an 80% increase.

The cost of running a dishwasher increased by £132.68 from 2021 to £236.60 in 2022.

In 2022, another £222.77 was spent on using the washing machine, representing a 95% increase year on year.

Yorkshire Water’s ‘tea pot index’ predicts that the situation will worsen, with heating water costs rising by an average of 18% between now and 2023.

The company advised on how to save £700 per year by halving shower times to four minutes and switching from three baths to five showers per week.

Washing only full loads of laundry may also be beneficial, potentially saving £124 per year.

“Managing water use is a great way to keep bills down – especially when it comes to heating water,” said Emily Brady of Yorkshire Water.

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