Official statement: Sarah Ferguson’s ‘shock’ at skin cancer diagnosis

Sarah Ferguson revealed her diagnosis of skin cancer in a statement.

The Duchess of York stated that although receiving a second cancer diagnosis in less than a year has surprised her, she is still in good spirits.

Fergie wrote on Instagram: “I have been taking some time to myself as I have been diagnosed with malignant melanoma, a form of skin cancer, my second cancer diagnosis within a year after I was diagnosed with breast cancer this summer and underwent a mastectomy and reconstructive surgery.

“It was thanks to the great vigilance of my dermatologist that the melanoma was detected when it was.

“Naturally another cancer diagnosis has been a shock but I’m in good spirits and grateful for the many messages of love and support.

“I believe my experience underlines the importance of checking the size, shape, colour and texture and emergence of new moles that can be a sign of melanoma and urge anyone who is reading this to be diligent.

“I am incredibly thankful to the medical teams that have supported me through both of these experiences with cancer and to the MAYRLIFE Clinic for taking gentle care of me in the past weeks, allowing me time for recuperation.

“I am resting with family at home now, feeling blessed to have their love and support.”

View her Instagram post here.

Sarah Ferguson’s diagnosis follows the announcement of health concerns by two senior members of the Royal Family.

The news broke on January 17 that the King would have surgery this week at the hospital due to an enlarged prostate.

The Princess of Wales was resting in a hospital following stomach surgery, Kensington Palace said just hours earlier on the same day. It is anticipated that Princess Kate would stay at the hospital all this week before going home to recover.

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