Nicola Sturgeon CALLS British Women Without Kids ‘COLD HEARTED B****ES’

Women without children are dismissed as “cold hearted b****es,” according to Nicola Sturgeon, in remarks that are sure to divide opinion.

While she revealed in 2016 that she had miscarried five years prior, she went into greater detail about her thoughts on motherhood on Saturday.

Mr Sturgeon, 52, stated that she felt it was important to address the issue because, as a woman, “especially in a senior position without children,” it is assumed “that you’re a cold-hearted b**** who has decided to prioritise your career over having children.”

The Scot stated in her post since 2014 that her personal life has been subjected to excessive scrutiny and commentary, adding that “men don’t get that.”

“The perfect illustration is [Alex] Salmond,” she said.

“I can’t think of a single interview he did as First Minister or SNP leader about why he didn’t have children.”

For more than a decade, Ms Sturgeon has been married to fellow Scottish National Party (SNP) stalwart Peter Murrell.

“I’m the first woman in this office and only here for a relatively short period of time, so If there are things you can do to try to move the dial a little bit, I’ve got some obligation to do that,” the SNP leader told The Shift, a podcast featuring women in midlife, earlier this year.

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