MoD Admits ‘Mistakes Were Made’ After Claim ‘Recruitment Favoured Women and Ethnic Minorities’

The RAF’s head of recruitment resigned last month after allegedly refusing to hire more diverse candidates because it was “illegal.”

According to media reports, she objected to allocating training slots solely on the basis of gender or ethnicity.

Air Chief Marshal Mike Wigston, the RAF’s commander, insisted there had been “no drop in operational standards” and no discrimination “against any group” had occurred.

However, despite those involved having the “best of intentions,” an MoD spokesperson has now admitted that “some mistakes were made” in its approach.

They said in a statement on Monday: “To improve workforce diversity, the RAF is constantly reviewing its recruiting practises, including the implementation of a new recruiting IT system earlier this year.

“While overall standards did not drop, in hindsight we accept that despite the best of intentions, some mistakes were made.

“The RAF is now confident that our approach is correct, however, we are investigating some processes and decisions taken in the past, so it would be inappropriate to comment further while this is ongoing.”

The MoD said recruitment is always a top priority for the RAF.

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