Met Office gives verdict on claims over 1,000km-wide storm bringing 3cm of snow to UK

The Met Office has issued a statement regarding snowfall across the UK, following reports that some parts of the country will get wintry blasts as early as next week.

The weather agency makes no mention of snow in its long-term forecasts for the rest of this month or during December.

However, they are subject to change, and data from elsewhere has prompted other forecasts to warn about snow.

According to Ian Simpson, a Netweather forecaster, the weather will be “uncertain” next week because “low pressure will tend to be centred to the north-west of the British Isles.”

He predicts that snow will be “generally restricted to high ground,” and that “the wettest areas will be in north-western Britain.”

This weekend appears to be dry – but cold – and generally settled across the United Kingdom, as the Met Office predicts a “dry, bright, and chilly” Saturday.

According to the forecast: “Sunshine turning increasingly hazy with cloud thickening from the west during the afternoon though staying dry for most. Feeling chilly.”

Sunday’s weather reads: “A chilly start to Sunday with fog for some. This clearing with outbreaks of rain pushing eastwards later. Remaining unsettled on Monday and Tuesday with rain followed by blustery showers.”

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