No Christmas Lights in Kent as Labour-controlled Council aims to save eye-watering £75k

A Labour-controlled council has decided to remove its Christmas lights in order to save £75,000.

Medway Council in Kent, which switched from Conservative to Labour earlier this year, said it made the “sad and difficult decision” to cut a projected £17 million excess for the current fiscal year.

The council is “very likely” to go bankrupt, according to a financial study released last month.

Despite the strong opposition from people, Council Leader Vince Maple stated that he had “no choice but to make these difficult decisions.”

Many irate people have vented their rage on social media, with others stating that the “shocking” decision would “cancel Christmas” for many children.

In a post online, the council wrote: ‘Unfortunately we have had to make the difficult decision to not have Christmas lights across Medway or hold switch-on events this year.

“With the ongoing financial situation we need to make tough decisions & this will save £75,000.”

The decision has led some people to slam the council’s “poor financial management” while others highlighted areas where money could be saved instead.

One social media user said: “Disgraceful, but obviously your increased councillors expense allowance is still happening!”

Another added: “How much of that £75k is for paying over priced contractors to put them up?

“Rather than cancelling Christmas for the many kids who only see the magic outside of their home.

“How about finding a way to reduce the price or asking local businesses to donate their equipment to help.”

Maple said: “We are making these incredibly difficult decisions to reduce the potential overspend and to ensure we can continue to provide essential services that we are required to provide by law.”

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