Huge boost on state pension as deadline to increase payouts by £10,000s extended

The deadline for claiming extra contributions has been extended, allowing Britons to benefit from a significant increase in their state pension. 

Taxpayers now have until April 5, 2025 to address gaps in their National Insurance record dating back to April 2006, which may result in a higher payout. 

The previous deadline of 31 July was met with criticism since some were unable to reach the guidance line to find out if they were eligible. 

Last week, financial expert Martin Lewis urged people to check to see if they may potentially improve their pensions. 

In a special presentation dedicated to the subject on Tuesday, Lewis volunteered to assist customers “navigate” the crowded phone lines. 

Talking about the extension, he tweeted: “I suspect it isn’t a coincidence that this announcement comes the day before my [ITV] special on it, with the pensions minister coming on, knowing I was going to go hard about people having to call the Future Pensions Service 100s times before they get an answer.

“Overall though the extension is very good news, for full help watch the show tomorrow 8pm…”

Britons have until April, 5 2025 to fill gaps in their NI record to help increase the amount they receive in State Pension when they qualify.

People can raise the amount of state pension they receive in three ways: by claiming free NI credits, buying extra years, or postponing when they start claiming it. 

Anyone thinking about claiming credits can call the government’s free Future Pension Centre at 0800 7310175 for an assessment of whether it is worthwhile. 

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