Gibraltar chief Fabian Picardo vows to walk away rather than sign bad post-Brexit agreement

The chief minister of Gibraltar has threatened to quit rather than give the British Overseas Territory the wrong deal after Brexit, sending a message to both Brussels and Spain.

Furthermore, Fabian Picardo has declared, “I will not do it,” ruling out making any compromises on the crucial matter of British sovereignty over the Rock.

According to Mr. Picardo, negotiations between Gibraltar, the UK, Spain, and the EU are moving along quickly. He emphasised that the parties are “now really, almost there” in terms of reaching a deal on a treaty that will govern Gibraltar’s relations with the EU.

In a New Year Message broadcast on GBC, he emphasised: “We remain fully committed to the process of agreeing a treaty that will govern our future relationship with the EU,” he said. “I believe we are now really, almost there.

“I will see this through to the end. And I will bring back a safe and secure treaty.”

“Or I will not bring back a treaty at all.”

Mr Picardo, who has been Gibraltar’s leader since 2011, refused to set any time limits while acknowledging the clock was now ticking, with the EU elections scheduled for June.

He said: “2024 is the year when we will finally make the determination on whether a deal can be done or not.

“In fact, I believe that in the first half of 2024, the question of Gibraltar’s future relationship with the EU will be resolved.

“So we have to be ready to deal with any pressures that may come as we work through the end game of this negotiation.

“Patience and stoic calm will be our only allies as we work through this period.

“But, with the UK on our side, we will get to the right conclusion.”

Mr Picardo stressed: “We cannot scupper the future of our children for the sake of short-term political advantage.

“So, let me assure you. Let me be crystal clear. There will not be any concessions on the exclusively British sovereignty, jurisdiction or control of Gibraltar or on any of the components thereof.

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