Flood warnings issued TODAY before hotter-than-Portugal temperatures this weekend

Flood warnings have been issued for the UK today, ahead of 24C sunlight this weekend, making it hotter than Portugal in the final days of summer.

After a wet and windy few weeks, the Met Office predicts milder weather for the first weekend in September.

But first, Friday is anticipated to be dark, rainy, and overcast in places, with flood warnings issued.

According to Gov UK, approximately 14 areas of the UK are predicted to be affected, with 50 sites having a high likelihood of being affected.

Residents on the Cumbrian coast, the north Cornwall coast, the North Sea coast, Poole Harbour, the Somerset coast, and the south Cornwall coast have been told to brace themselves.

Other parts of the country including Morecambe, Essex, Devon and Norfolk could be at risk.

Conditions however, will improve throughout the day with highs of 23C forecast for the south while the north of the country can expect 21C, the Met Office says.

And as we head into Saturday, the weather forecaster is predicting hotter conditions than Portugal.

London will top 24C while Faro is expected to be hit with thunderstorms and only reach 23C.

Parts of Wales, including Cardiff, is forecast to reach 22C along with the north of England.

Conditions in Scotland will be in the low 20s with “plenty of warm sunshine,” but the far northwest may see some rain later in the day.

On Sunday, the sky will be partly cloudy in some areas before clearing to reveal the sun.

Conditions in the south are forecast to be around 24°C, with the West Mids only 1°C lower.

Much of the north, including Newcastle, will reach 22 degrees Celsius, with some sunny spells and cloud cover.

The warm weather is also forecast to last the rest of the week.

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