EU TERRIFIED Over New PM’s ‘Loaded Gun’ as Truss Threatens to Invoke Article 16

According to German media, Liz Truss could threaten the European Union with her “loaded pistol” within days of becoming Prime Minister.

Ms Truss is expected to be tough on the EU in order to resolve the Northern Ireland Protocol stalemate.

According to the German newspaper ‘Sueddeutsche Zeitung,’ Ms Truss was successful “because she has already demonstrated as foreign minister that she is quite capable of standing up to Brussels.”

They added: “Truss must continue to be tough with the EU, otherwise she would lose her credibility. This is the view not only of her supporters in London but also of Brussels, Paris, and Berlin.”

“In the case of Truss, the question of credibility is even more important than in the case of Johnson,” says an EU diplomat.

“She voted in the Brexit referendum for the UK to remain in the EU. Now she has to show all the more that she is serious about Brexit.”

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