Disabled people will be forced to work as benefits to be slashed off

Disability benefits will be reduced, forcing thousands of people with mental health and mobility issues to work from home.

The plan is part of an effort to fill job market vacancies while reducing the taxpayer burden for benefits.

The government stated that the “huge shift” towards remote working caused by the Covid epidemic will allow those who are unable to leave their homes to accomplish occupations that were previously impossible.

Ministers worry that “safety net rules” for persons at risk of suicide have been applied too broadly.

Work and Pensions Secretary Mel Stride said the reforms will help people “fulfil their potential” by helping them enter the workforce, while reducing the burden on the taxpayer.

He also promised to listen to the concerns of those impacted.

The UK is home to 2.4 million poeple recieving incapacity benefits, after the numbers saw a significant rise in the wak of the pandemic.

Meanwhile, there are a million job vacancies in the UK.

However, disability charities have dismissed the changes as a “cynical attempt to reduce benefit payments”.

There are 2.4 million people claiming incapacity benefits and a steep rise since the pandemic has alarmed ministers at a time when business has a million vacancies and public finances are so tight, leading to a renewed focus in government on back-to-work initiatives.

Those in receipt of the payment, which judges them too ill to work, are entitled up to £4,680 a year more than those required to look for a job.

Moreover, yhose targeted by the reforms includes people who cannot move 50 metres without help or are unable to leave the house.

It also includes those who have difficulty with social contact and individuals suffering from incontinence.

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