Disabled Children Bullied as Transphobic For Being Unable to Use ‘Mandated Pronouns’

Children, including those with disabilities, are tormented by their peers and labelled “transphobic” by their schools for not utilising trendy new terminology.

Pupils in elementary school in Scotland, according to a parent advocacy group, are ridiculed by their peers for not using the chosen pronouns of so-called “transgender” people.

Schools around the nation are also accused of actively punishing kids for not adhering to progressive standards regarding transgenderism. This accusation is similar to earlier claims from primary and secondary schools in England.

According to The Times, the parental group Safeguarding Our Schools (SOS) Scotland claims that children are being bullied by their peers for not using the correct pronouns when referring to classmates, which has resulted in at least one incident of a child allegedly self-harming.

The report also includes an example of a child with a learning disability that affects his working memory who was bullied by his peers after failing to correctly use a peer’s preferred pronouns.

“When he made a mistake and misgendered another pupil, he had to deal with hostility from that pupil and disapproval from the teacher,” said the parent of the dyslexic child.

SOS Scotland reportedly attempted to arrange a meeting about the issue with RespectMe, Scotland’s anti-bullying service, but the meeting was cancelled after the nature of the group’s concerns was revealed.

RespectMe is reportedly directed in part by the LGBT Youth Scotland NGO, whose website includes resources on “trans inclusion,” such as a multilingual sign that allows teachers to list their preferred pronouns.

The allegations listed by SOS Scotland are reminiscent of similar alleged incidents in England involving both elementary and high school students, with students being singled out by classmates and teachers alike for their alleged rejection of transgenderism.

For example, one elementary school in the country’s far south reportedly informed the parents of a six-year-old that their child would be labelled “transphobic” if he failed to understand that a fellow student in his class was supposed to be “gender fluid.”

The incident eventually led to the parents removing their child and his older brother from school, though the family reportedly still faced hostility from their local community as a result of the incident.

Meanwhile, a high school student was reportedly bullied out of her school after openly opposing transgender ideology. Having at one stage reportedly been surrounded by around 60 of her peers, spat at, and called a “Nazi, bigot, fascist, transphobe, homophobe, racist, c**t”, the alleged bullying is said to have driven the teenage girl into committing acts of self-harm.

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