Conservatives tear into Starmer’s new migrant deal, saying he would save 100,000 migrants a year

The Conservatives have slammed Sir Keir Starmer’s proposed proposal to welcome EU asylum seekers into the UK.

Sir Keir’s first specific migration proposals were released last night, with Labour promising to accept more EU migrants in exchange for a new border accord with Brussels.

Despite the fact that the EU has previously rejected a return agreement with the Government, Labour believes they can reach an agreement by pledging to be more generous in taking Britain’s fair share of migrants.

Labour would cancel the present Rwanda deportation agreement and redirect the money to the National Crime Agency.

Sir Keir and shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper arrived in The Hague last night for discussions with European leaders.

The Conservatives, on the other hand, have launched a stinging attack on the Labour leader’s new policies, predicting that it will result in up to 100,000 extra migrants entering Britain each year.

According to Tory figures, the UK would account for 13% of the EU’s total 520 million people, requiring it to accept 100,000 of the EU’s 1 million migrant arrivals last year.

However, if Europe’s migration issue worsens in the future years, that figure could rise.

Sir Keir’s spokesman stated last night that if the UK wants to reach an agreement with the EU, it will have to contemplate accepting migrants from the continent.

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