Brits Ordered ‘Not to Call 911’ Unless DYING as Strikes Continue to Cripple UK

Ambulance strikes are set to paralyse the UK tomorrow, with the army called in to respond to emergency calls.

Britons have been advised not to dial 999 unless they are in imminent danger of death. When the ambulance service goes on strike, No. 10 has urged people across the country to keep emergency lines open for those in life-threatening situations.

Ambulance workers, including paramedics, control room workers, and technicians, are set to strike over pay in England and Wales tomorrow.

The army has been called in to assist in picking up patients and responding to the most serious calls, but they will not be permitted to drive with blue lights on or to skip red lights.

Speaking this morning, the Prime Minister’s official spokesman said: “Patients should continue to call 999 as normal in an emergency.

“For non-life-threatening calls, alternative support will be available via NHS 111 and where appropriate alternative forms of transport can be arranged.”

Ministers have dug their heels in over the pay dispute, warning that no new financial settlement will be offered.

They say they are willing to reopen discussions about working conditions, but that further discussions about money are out of the question.

Pay raises that are higher than inflation risk prolonging the country’s inflation crisis, according to the government.

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