Britain’s Air Force FORCED to HIRE Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic over White Men for ‘Diversity and Inclusion’

According to leaks, Royal Air Force (RAF) recruiters have been ordered to hire ethnic minorities and women over white males in order to meet government-backed diversity targets.

Recruiters in Britain’s Royal Air Force have been ordered to hire women and “BAME” (Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic) candidates over white men in order to meet race and gender diversity quotas set by the so-called Conservative Party government, according to a report.

Insiders within the air force had already claimed that an “effective pause” on hiring white men had been implemented, with diversity targets cited as having a negative impact on the air force’s operational capabilities.

Such claims have now received additional support, with a Sky News report claiming that documents leaked to the broadcaster appear to back up the allegations.

One document, according to the news outlet, explicitly stated that the “Recruitment Force continues to prioritise female candidates” for what is described as “customer relationship management.”

Another document stated that recruiters prioritised ethnic minorities, with Sky reporting that “[t]he Recruitment Force continues to prioritise BAME candidates from the VA for CRM, whilst Rec Ops [recruitment operations] prioritises its loading onto BRTC [basic training course].”

Whereas discriminatory practices in hiring processes are ostensibly illegal in Boris Johnson’s Britain, the ruling Conservative Party has done nothing to rescind legal discrimination for the purpose of increasing workplace diversity under so-called “positive action” regulations.

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