Teen Greta Thunberg Claims ‘Climate Crisis’ is ‘Absent’ from Green-Obsessed Public Debate

Even after the seismic shift in bigwigs around the world pushing green agenda talking points, activist Greta Thunberg has now claimed that the so-called “climate crisis” is “absent” from public debate.

Countries around the world are turning their economies upside down to appease the global green agenda push, while issues important to ordinary people, such as mass migration, are largely ignored, but long-time climate activist Greta Thunberg has now claimed that the so-called “climate crisis” has gone unnoticed in public debate.

The 19-year-old has recently returned to the spotlight after a brief absence, with the teenager making multiple appearances in the establishment media as she prepares to release a new book in the autumn.

After all of this coverage of Thunberg, as well as the prevalence of national governments and trans-national bodies pushing climate change agendas to the point of jeopardising their own energy security, discussion of the so-called “climate crisis” remains largely absent from the public sphere, according to Thunberg.

“The most affected people from the most affected areas continue to be silenced,” she added. “Those in power appear to be spending all of their time distracting, delaying, and denying the necessary changes that must be made.” CO2 emissions are not decreasing; rather, they are increasing.”

Thunberg’s widely circulated comments are the latest example of the Swedish teen making headlines this year, with the activist previously making a prominent appearance at the famous Glastonbury festival in the United Kingdom.

She also publicly chastised the EU for being too lenient toward the despised nuclear energy sector.

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