BREAKING NEWS: Britain welcomes 100,000th boat migrant TODAY

The small boat crisis has achieved a critical milestone, with 100,000 migrants crossing the Channel since the crisis began in 2018.

Another 250 migrants across in small boats early this morning, bringing the total to a historic high.

The arrivals are the first since Saturday, when terrible weather rendered the Channel unusable.

Since small migrant dinghies were first sighted in the Channel five years ago, 99,961 people have crossed it.

Only 299 migrants made the passage in the first year, 2018.

The following year, 1,843 persons attempted the unlawful crossing.

By 2020, the numbers crossing had begun to accelerate rapidly, reaching 8,466.

The following year saw an almost four-fold increase, as the Home Office confirmed 28,526 people had crossed.

Then last year, a record 45,755 people made the journey.

The 100,000 mark will pile more pressure on Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, who has made stopping the small boats one of his government’s key priorities.

But despite the Prime Minister’s pledge, today’s arrivals take to total so far this year to more than 15,300.

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