Boris Johnson: Does he still deserve a Tory seat?

Boris Johnson’s fall has seen him go from Conservative prime minister with an 80-seat majority to not having a seat in Parliament in less than a year.

The former Uxbridge and South Ruislip MP was forced to resign from Number 10 following a Tory mutiny over his antics during the lockdown, during which a number of gatherings were staged in Downing Street.

The ex-PM’s situation worsened when the Privileges Committee determined that he had misled Parliament with his Partygate claims, thereby pushing him out of British politics when he stepped down as an MP.

Following the Committee’s conclusions, he informed supporters that he was “forced out of parliament by a tiny handful of people,” despite garnering massive support for his pro-Brexit manifesto in 2019.

His party, now led by Rishi Sunak, continues to behind Labour in the polls, with a recent poll suggesting that Sir Keir Starmer has expanded his party’s lead over the Conservatives by three points to 19 percent.

Mr Sunak’s struggle to rebrand his party has raised fears that Labour will form a coalition with other parties such as the Lib Dems or the SNP to gain a majority the next time voters go to the polls, potentially jeopardising Brexit and opening the door to the UK forging closer ties with the European Union.

“The Conservative Party has the time to recover its mojo and ambition and win the next election,” Mr Johnson said after the report was published. “I had looked forward to providing enthusiastic support as a backbench MP.”

The former Prime Minister still has authority inside the Conservative Party, and some feel he can help maintain the Conservatives in power by being handed a safe seat in the next general election.

Because of these incidents, many people agree and disagree on whether Boris Johnson should be allocated a Tory safe seat in the next general election.

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