Biden and Sunak ‘strengthen UK-US ties’ for historic ‘Atlantic Declaration’

Rishi Sunak and Joe Biden rekindled their special connection with an agreement to expand ties in the face of China’s growing threat. 

The Prime Minister and the President of the United States signed the Atlantic Declaration, a new collaboration that will help British firms avoid American protectionism. 

However, dreams for a full-fledged free trade agreement that takes advantage of Britain’s Brexit liberties are clearly dead in the water. 

The President told reporters at the start of face-to-face meetings in the Oval Office that the unique relationship is in “really good shape.” 

He stated that the United States does not have a “closer ally” than the United Kingdom. 

The UK government believes that the declaration establishes future connections between the two countries and focuses on future challenges rather than looking back. 

The Atlantic Declaration, according to Mr Sunak, “sets a new standard for economic cooperation” and will help “protect our people, create jobs, and grow our economies together.” 

Speaking at the White House, he praised the “indispensable alliance” between the two nations.

“The relationship between our two nations is unlike any other.

“Our alliance is so strong because it is not abstract – it is rooted in our people. And it’s never been about our history alone, but our ability to grasp the future.

“We share the same beliefs, pursue the same purpose, and act according to the same ideals.

“And that’s why today, as we meet the challenges of our time, we can depend upon each other with absolute conviction.

“When the United States and the United Kingdom stand together, the world is a safer, better, and more prosperous place.

“That’s why ours is the indispensable alliance.”

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