BREXIT IS BETTER! Italians RAGE Against EU’s Demands Ahead of Elections

Italians preparing to vote in September say they are “tired” of the political class and wish they had never joined the EU in the first place.

After years of unresolved political crises, residents in Naples, southern Italy, objected to the EU’s demands for even more sacrifices.

Mario Draghi’s government fell apart last week, paving the way for snap elections on September 25, with polls indicating that a rightist coalition led by Matteo Salvini, Giorgia Meloni, and Silvio Berlusconi is well positioned to win.

Disheartened Italian voters say on that they have little hope that things will improve with a new government, regardless of who wins the most votes.

When asked if Britons’ decision to leave the EU could be a solution for Italy, some said Rome should never have joined the Brussels alliance.

Giancarlo, a self-employed 66-year-old, stated: “The UK outside of the EU fared far better than Italy within the EU.

“We have never-ending problems, our governments have no idea how to solve them, and Europe isn’t helping.”

Giuseppe, a 19-year-old student, added: “It would have been preferable if Draghi had stayed; his departure indicates that the government has failed.

When asked if the UK got a better deal out of the EU, the first-time voter replied: “I would have voted for Brexit before Covid, but with the funds Italy has received from Brussels, I’m glad we’re still in.

“But I’d like to see us leave the EU as soon as possible.

Antonio Esposito, a 77-year-old retiree, went even further. He said: “I’m fed up with politicians from all sides of the spectrum.

“On the right, Berlusconi has been in and out of courts over serious indictments.

“On the left…there’s no left.

Asked whether he would favour a referendum on the EU, he added: “I wish we never got in in the first place.

“Kudos to the UK for making that brave choice, I wish them the best.”

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