A first: King Charles III makes historic statement in French Senate

King Charles has made a historical statement in the French Senate today.

The King became the first UK monarch to speak in upper house of the French Parliament this morning.

Charles spoke in both English and French during the speech and thanked France for their tribute to his late mother Queen Elizabeth II.

The King said: “You described the late Queen, Her Majesty as the embodiment of British democracy with true dignity and in all permanence.

“I cannot describe just how important these words for me and for my family, all I can do is thank you and thank the people of France for the great kindness you expressed to us and all of our people at a time of great sorrow.

“In the rich and complex tapestry of the relationship between France and the United Kingdom, my mother’s golden thread will forever shine bright. Let it inspire us all.”

Eric Bocquet, senator and Chair of France-UK friendship group of the French Senate hailed Charles’s State Visit as further strengthening ties between the two countries..

“So of course it’s great opportunity because Britain and France must go on having regular and strong relationship. We are neighbours.

“We are still although you’re not in the in the European Union anymore, but you are still part of Europe, OK, Dover is still the same distance from Calais. So nothing has changed.

“We must build a new relationship after this Brexit decision, which I respect, of course.

“Well, there’s been no break in our relationship after Brexit, but this, this opens a new, a new era of our relationship between France and United Kingdom. It’s a great honour for us.”

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