Brexit: EU is CONVINCED that UK REGRETS Leaving, Urges to Begin a ‘Pro-European Renaissance’

Europhile Guy Verhofstadt wants to spark a “pro-European renaissance” in the United Kingdom, claiming that the country “regrets Brexit.”

The Belgian politician is campaigning to overturn the 2016 referendum result, as he continues to fight for the UK’s independence from Brussels two years after the country left the EU.

On social media, he stated: “According to polls, British voters regret Brexit and want a European future.

“Yet no opposition party dare represent them and the next Tory Government will be the most eurosceptic yet.

“Britain needs a pro-European renaissance.”

Mr Verhofstadt made his remarks despite polling showing very little movement on voters’ views on Brexit.

Mr. Verhofstadt’s intervention came as he was promoting a new campaign in the UK to rejoin the EU.

Rejoiners plan to take to the streets in London next month to demand that the democratic outcome of the 2016 referendum be overturned.

“The National Rejoin March aims to bring together pro-Europeans to say that we want the UK to rejoin the European Union,” according to the group’s website.

“The march aims to be family friendly, welcoming and positive. The National Rejoin March is for us all.

“There are multiple ways that we can ‘Get Rejoin Done’ and it will be great to hear them at the march.”

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