14 days of snow as snow-beast hits UK in worst Arctic onslaught in 10 years

Anticipating what might be the greatest Arctic disaster in over ten years, Britain will be trapped in the jaws of a Scandinavian snow beast until February.

This weekend, freezing winds from the Nordic north will bring snow, according to official forecasters. With extremely cold weather predicted for the remainder of January, temperatures in some areas of the nation might drop as low as -15C.

Across the next three days, high pressure will generally produce dry weather; however, a low-pressure system will shift across Scandinavia, “opening the doors to Arctic winds.”

Exacta Weather’s James Madden said: “Over the next few weeks, there will be a high chance of snow with the risk higher than the same period over the past few years or indeed, since the big freeze of 2010.

“It is likely we are about to start seeing images of vast regions of the nation covered in snow during a cold spell which is likely to hold out for an extended period.

“As well as the risk of snow, we will see harsh overnight frosts and the coldest temperatures dipping as low as -15C in the coldest parts of the country over the coming weeks.”

The British people are warned to prepare for “something completely different” following the storms and milder weather of recent weeks.

Ahead of the weekend, the high pressure that prevents Atlantic storms will descend southward, promoting northerly winds.

Simultaneously, a Scandinavian low is expected to intensify, raising the possibility of snowfall across the UK until mid-January.

The UK Health Security Agency last night upgraded a yellow cold weather health alert to amber.

It warns the elderly and people with health conditions to take extra care during what could be an extended cold snap.

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