Zelensky warns Putin that he ‘will die’ as brutal war continues

Volodymyr Zelesnky has warned Vladimir Putin “will not survive” as the Ukrainian leader rubbished Russia’s war of attrition.

Zelensky, 45, dismissed his Russian counterpart during an interview with Brazil’s TV Globo.

He said: “Putin won’t live that many years. He did not fight in Syria at the pace he is fighting us.

“That is why he will not stand 30 years. He will not exist, he will die.”

Zelensky went on to claim the 70-year-old Russian leader “won’t survive even 10 years”, adding Putin knows “deep down” he cannot subjugate the ex-Soviet state.

He added: “All their actions on the battlefield indicate that today Russia is not able to completely occupy Ukraine and destroy us.”

Tensions between Russia and Ukraine have soared in recent months, with Kyiv launching its counter-offensive against Putin’s troops.

Ukraine even launched an aerial attack against Moscow, adding to the Kremlin’s growing paranoia.

The Russian President vowed to use atomic weapons in response to a conventional strike which “threatens the very existence of the state”.

Commenting on the prospect of using nuclear weapons, Medvedev said: “There would simply be no other choice.”

It has been suggested the Kremlin would likely use a short-range tactical or “battlefield” nuclear weapon fired from Russia, Belarus or the occupied part of Ukraine.

Russia could even opt to fire the weapon from an aircraft or submarine.

Medvedev has suggested Russia could use strategic nuclear weapons several times since Putin launched his invasion of Ukraine in February 2020.

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