XL bully dogs to be banned in Scotland, Humza Yousaf confirms

Scottish First Minister Humza Yousaf has declared Scotland will outlaw XL bully dogs just days after new regulations were carried out in England and Wales.

Yousaf stated during today’s First Minister’s Questions that a decision to duplicate the Dangerous Dogs Act will be made shortly.

He also revealed there had been an influx of the dangerous muds brought north of the border.

Yousaf said: “What has become clear, I’m afraid in the last few weeks, is that we have seen a flow of XL bully dogs coming to Scotland, a number of people coming to Scotland to bring XL bully dogs here to the country.

“As such, we will give further details to members of the Scottish Parliament through a ministerial statement if the Parliamentary Bureau agrees next week.

“We will, in essence, replicate the legislation that is in England and Wales here in Scotland because ultimately, although we do have a very good system of dog control notice schemes, and we do take the approach of deed not breed, we have to respond to the situation as it currently stands and therefore we will do what we need to do to ensure public safety.”

The news will be devastating to owners of XL bullies living north of the border.

Last week, Yousaf seemed to imply that he would not follow Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s example.

Sunak announced a ban in England and Wales following a spate of attacks which resulted in a number of deaths and injuries.

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