Winter comes early as snow expected to fall in THIS AREA this week

Snow is expected to fall in certain regions of the UK this week, according to advanced weather forecast projections.

The surprise forecast comes after three days of warm weather in the south. Temperatures in Kent topped 26 degrees Celsius on Monday, marking the first time since 2011 that three consecutive days in October have reached 25 degrees Celsius or higher.

This unusually mild weather is likely to end later this week. And it appears like wintry outbursts are on the way for some.

On Sunday (October 15), weather maps from WX Charts show snow falling in Scotland and the far north of England. Snow will fall above high elevation in Scotland, affecting the Cairngorms National Park before spreading south to the border.

At 6 p.m., a dark purple area on the maps indicated that snow was falling at a pace of 2cm per hour surrounding Northumberland National Park.

According to WX Charts, 1cm of snow could fall in both national parks.

It comes as El Niño is already in full swing. The meteorological phenomena is often connected with record-breaking warm temperatures all around the world, but it can have a negative impact on British winters.

“During El Niño periods, summers in the UK can be hotter and drier,” a Met Office official previously stated.

“During El Niño winters can be colder and drier for northern Europe and the UK, while southern Europe tends to get more rain.”

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