Welby says Britain should take GLOBAL LEAD in punishing ‘evil’ human traffickers

The Archbishop of Canterbury has encouraged the government to crackdown human traffickers “with speed, accuracy, and the full force of international law.” 

Justin Welby has advised Parliament that Britain should lead an international fight on “evil” human trafficking. 

The Most Rev has urged the UK to lead the fight against global illegal trades in the same way that it did against piracy and slavery in previous centuries, focusing on perpetrators rather than victims. 

He advocated for the formation of an international anti-trafficking force, claiming that global solutions are required to address global concerns such as the refugee crisis. 

Mr. Welby claims that the Government’s headline policies to address the small boat situation fail to address the underlying issues.

The Archbishop spoke as peers began their detailed examination of the Illegal Migration Bill, which he previously described as “morally unacceptable and politically impractical.” 

The Act, which has already passed through the Commons, intends to guarantee that those who enter the UK without permission are imprisoned and deported as soon as possible, either to their home country or to a third nation such as Rwanda. 

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